A community thrives when its citizens are involved, prepared and informed.

This is why the Bowen Center for Public Affairs
was created.

The Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University is pleased to partner again this year with WISH-TV, Channel 8, Indianapolis, in presenting the seventh annual Hoosier Survey. The Hoosier Survey is designed to provide Indiana citizens and policymakers with a measure of public opinion on current issues facing our state in the coming year. The results of this non-partisan survey are delivered to every member of the Indiana General Assembly and top administration officials at the beginning of the calendar year so that lawmakers can gauge public views about issues they are likely to face in the upcoming legislative session.

The survey was conducted for WISH TV/Ball State University by Princeton Survey Research International during the period October 7-15, 2014.  Results are based on 600 completed interviews with 360 landline respondents and 240 cell phone respondents (including 120 adults with no landline phone). The margin of error is ±5.1%.

Tune in daily to WISH TV during the week of November 10th for survey reports. The complete report will be available to view November 17, 2014.