About the Bowen Center



Founded in March 2007, the Bowen Center for Public Affairs honors the integrity and leadership of Dr. Otis R. Bowen, the 44th Governor of Indiana and the 16th Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Ronald Reagan.

Advancing the ideals of civic literacy, community involvement and public service embodied by Dr. Bowen’s career. The Center provides networking, training, and research opportunities through its three institutes:

  • Bowen Institute on Political Participation
  • Institute for Public Service
  • Institute for Policy Research

Although the Bowen Center for Public Affairs was founded in 2007, the Bowen Institute on Political Participation has been making a difference since 1981.The Institute was created to honor the public service record of Indiana’s 44th governor. Its mission is to encourage citizens to more effectively participate in civic affairs. The weekend-long workshop features practical “how-to” sessions on civic responsibility and participation in community activities. Such activities enable the participants to understand more fully the difference an individual can make.