Certificate in Election Administration, Technology and Security (CEATS)

The purpose of the Certificate in Election Administration, Technology and Security (CEATS) at Ball State University is to

1) professionalize interest in election administration primarily within the state of Indiana,
2) provide instruction on operations of Direct Record Electronic voting system (DRE),  Optical Scan voting system (OPSCAN) and Electronic Poll Book (ePBs),
3) instruct on DRE, OPSCAN and ePB troubleshooting,
4) information technology and security basics,
5) election personnel training and management,
6) election law and
7) election day reporting.

Election Administrators are expected to be proficient in a number of diverse areas including human resources, poll worker training, election and procedural law, budgets, physical space management, organizational communication, public relations, information technology, and cybersecurity. This diversity is not traditionally captured in any one single educational or training program.

A Certificate satisfies an unmet need of being able to house these domains of knowledge in one educational experience. With changes in the laws and technology associated with elections in the United States after 2000, a need has emerged to provide education in the area of Election Administration. The Certificate Program in Election Administration, Technology and Security aims to fill an unmet need within the state of Indiana.

Those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate suitable for framing signed by the Indiana Secretary of State, the co-directors of the Indiana Election Division, the certificate program directors, and the President of Ball State University.