The program consists of three phases with unique objectives. Ideally, participants would take the phases and sessions in sequence. Program offerings are a combination of On-Site (in person), Online, and Hybrid (online and in person or by computer). Whenever possible and practical, sessions are offered regionally or in the northern and southern parts of the state in order to best accommodate participants.

A new cohort of the Program participants are admitted to the program and a new series of Phase I sessions begins every six months in August and February. The sessions for each cohort are offered at locations that rotate through central, northern, and southern Indiana.

A new series of Phase II sessions begins in the month following the conclusion of a series of Phase I sessions. Program participants who have satisfactorily completed the Phase I sessions may continue their training in Phase II immediately following the completion of Phase I, or they may wait and begin their Phase II training in a later series of sessions. The Phase III Capstone Project can begin only after Phases I and II have been completed.

The Program is a course of study in which each session is designed to build on the material presented in prior sessions. Consequently, participants will receive the maximum benefit if they complete all sessions in chronological order, with the Phase I curriculum being completed prior to beginning the Phase II curriculum.

We recognize, however, that professional or personal responsibilities and emergencies may occasionally prevent a participant from attending a given session. For this reason, a participant will be allowed to make up a missed session by attending the missed session with another cohort. If an extended emergency, however, results in a participant missing multiple sessions, the Program Co-Directors may require that the participant temporarily withdraw from the program and reenter training with a future cohort, beginning with the first missed session.

Total Program Hours

Phase In-Session Pre- and Post- Activities Total
Phase I 45.5 17.5 63.0
Phase II 45.5 17.5 67.0
Phase III 40.0 0.0 40.0
Total 121.0 35.0 170.0

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