Election Administration



Since 2011, election administrators, voting system certification specialists, testing laboratory professionals, and members of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission have gathered annually to discuss ways to improve the reliability of voting systems in order to uphold the integrity of the vote for the American electorate. The first (2011) conference was hosted by Center for Election Systems at Kennesaw State University. In 2012, VSTOP hosted the conference in Indianapolis where election officials were greeted by the Indiana Secretary of State. Other locations where conferences have occurred include Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Denver, Colorado; and Seattle, Washington. The 2016 Conference will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here is the link to the registration site for the New England Conference 2016.

Registration for New England Conference 2016

Past Conferences:

Seattle Conference 2015
Denver Conference 2014
Harrisburg Conference 2013
Indiana Conference 2012
Kennesaw Conference 2011