List of Attendees

Name Organization Email
Merle S. King KSU
Stuart T Holmes Washington Secretary of State’s Office
Catherine  Cook Florida Dept. of State, Division of Elections
Michael B Winn Travis County Election
Jessica  Myers EAC
Jerome  Lovato Colorado SOS
Jessi  Romero Colorado Secretary of State
Danny L Casias Colorado Department of State
Greg S Riddlemoser Stafford County (VA) and mbr of Std Bd and TGDC
Amy  Cohen The Center for Election Innovation & Research
Brittany D Westfall WV Secretary of State
Todd R. Ross CA Secretary of State
Nakesha  Robinson California Secretary of State Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment
Rodney A Rodriguez JR CA Secretary of State
David  Tarrant Michigan Department of State
Sally  Williams Michigan Department of State
Paul H Aumayr Maryland State Board of Elections
Brandi  Laser Seskes Ohio Secretary of State
Elizabeth  Howard Virginia Department of Elections
Paul  Craft Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group
Steve   Freeman Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group
Kate  McGregor Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group
Michael L. Walker Pro V&V
Jack  Cobb Pro V&V
Brian J. Hancock U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Michael D Santos SLI Compliance
Rob  Rock RI Department of State
David  Dove State of Georgia
Thomas J Caddy EAC
Daniel J Brandes EAC
Tammy  Patrick Bipartisan Policy Center
Marc  Burris NC SBE
Eugene   Burton Virginia Department of Elections
Rebecca  Santos Pro V&V
Kim  Brace Election Data Services, Inc.
Keith  Ingram Texas Secretary of State
Yvonne  Ramon Hidalgo County Elections Dept
Michael  Sosa Hidalgo County Elections Dept
Tiffany   Owens Texas Secretary of State
Jacquelyn  Callanen Bexar County Elections
John   Fisher Bexar County Elections
Bryan D. Byers VSTOP at Ball State University
Thomas  Hicks U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Jay  Bagga VSTOP
Carla R Arldt Lee County, Texas Elections Administrator
Matthew  Masterson U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Anthony  Stevens New Hampshire Secretary of State
Veronica  Degraffenreid North Carolina State Board of Elections
Brian  Neesby North Carolina State Board of Elections
Ryan  Macias U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Elizabeth  Winn Travis County Attorney’s Office
Paul  Miles Texas Association of Counties
Ann  McGeehan self
Christopher  Davis Williamson County, TX
Christina W Adkins Texas Secretary of State
Jacob  Stauffer Coherent Cyber, LLC
Nicolas  Hollis Coherent Cyber, LLC
Heidi A. Martinez Secretary of State
Caroline  Geppert Texas Secretary of State
John N Dziurlaj Consultant
Scott  Brandt TX Sec of State
Toni  Pippins-Poole Dallas County Elections
Robert A Heard Sr. Dallas County Elections
Sabrina  Roberts Dallas County Information Technology