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Joe Donnelly Leads Senate Candidates in Name Recognition; Messer, Rokita are Neck and Neck

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MUNCIE, Indiana – At this point in the campaign for US Senate, the incumbent, Senator Joe Donnelly (D) has a commanding lead in name recognition over potential Republican challengers, Congressman Luke Messer and Congressman Todd Rokita, according to the results of the Old National Bank/Ball State University 2017 Hoosier Survey. In the telephone survey of 600 adult Hoosiers, nearly 70 percent reported that they had heard of Joe Donnelly. Messer’s and Rokita’s names were each recognized by only 38 percent of survey respondents. “Clearly, we can expect Rokita and Messer to continue working to make their names known to the 60 percent of Hoosiers who say they haven’t heard of them,” said Charles Taylor, Managing Director of the Bowen Center for Public Affairs, which conducts the annual public opinion survey.

When considering who Hoosiers might vote for, the three candidates are in a much closer race. Among respondents who had heard of Donnelly, 32 percent said there was a “good chance” they would vote for him. For Rokita and Messer, the percentages are 27 percent and 21 percent respectively.