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LGBT Rights on the General Assembly Agenda. Hoosier Survey Sheds Light on Issue.

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Hoosiers Shed Light on Issue.

Dr. Joseph Losco
Bowen Center for Public Affairs

Indiana Senate Republicans introduced legislation protecting the civil rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals but included certain exemptions for organizations with strong religious objections. The bill will be hotly debated as the new session of the General Assembly opens next month. This year’s WISH-TV/ Ball State Hoosier Survey sheds some light on the opinions of Hoosiers regarding this controversial issue.


A majority of Hoosiers (57%) support amending the state’s civil rights laws to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. Support comes from all regions of the state. While large majorities of Independents and Democrats support such legislation, only 38% of self-identified Republicans do so. A majority of Hoosiers (52%) also believes that businesses providing wedding services to same sex couples should be required to provide these services regardless of religious reservations. Support for this position holds across all regions of the state and among all partisan identifiers. A clear majority (64%) believes that the media were to blame for adverse public reaction to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) controversy earlier this year rather than the Governor or the General Assembly.

Should a business providing wedding services be allowed to refuse services for same-sex couples for religious reasons or be required to provide

WHITE = Allowed to refuse         BLUE = Be required to provide

The survey was conducted for WISH TV/Ball State University by Princeton Survey Research International during the period October 8-13, 2015. Results are based on 602 completed interviews with 362 landline respondents and 240 cell phone (including 137 adults with no landline) respondents. The margin of error is ±5.2%. Complete findings and methodology are available at

Stay tuned! The Bowen Center Indy-Star Poll on LGBT Rights released this month.  Check back here for full results in late December.